Podcast: Dyslexia Homeschool Adventures with Sue Park 

Sue Park

Podcast Host

With over 30 years of experience working with students who have dyslexia, Sue uses her upbeat humorous stories to help guide parents as they homeschool their child who has or may have a reading disability like dyslexia.

Sue, who has dyslexia, talks to other parents who have experience homeschooling.

Recent Episodes

Teaching Reading

Sue Finally addresses the topic you really want to hear about - reading.  There really is more to it than just selecting a curriculum.  The science is clear on what type of reading program will help students with dyslexia and all students.  

Where is the starting line?

Every adventure begins somewhere. Through her story about a 150-mile bicycle ride, Sue helps you find your homeschool starting line.  Is your starting line where you think it is?  How far did she ride?  Did she make it to the finish line?  (I am aware of the musical...

Pack Your Bags

You have chosen to homeschool your child who has or may have dyslexia, now what?  Sue shares stories and wisdom to help you get started.  Believe it or not, there are things you need to do before you purchase a curriculum.   Let's start the...