Dyscalculia is a math disorder where students struggle to understand and remember math concepts.

Have you noticed your child struggling with math problems for years, but did not know what to do.  Your young struggling mathematician must begin counting on their fingers with one, counting on every finger until they get to the number 8.  If you asked them how many fingers were on their hand, they would be able to tell you there were 5.  Yet, when doing an addition problem, they have to start counting at one.  They seem to be unable to consider they have 5 fingers on one hand and can simply add the next three fingers to count out 8 fingers. For your older child, they may have had considerable problems memorizing the basic math facts.  Maybe they still don’t have their multiplication and division problems memorized.

Dyscalculia Assessment & Consultation

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Take a moment and consider some other behaviors you have noticed in your child.

Despite calculating the answer to 8 x 9 (or any other fact they struggle to memorize) they have to recalculate it every time they encounter it on the same page.

It seems as if the basic facts they work so hard to calculate simply slip away from memory.

It takes longer to complete math assignments

They seem to “get lost” in the steps of larger math problems like division.

Both you and your child dred doing math homework.

Math homework causes meltdowns, tantrums, yelling and expressions of how dumb they feel.

I know that you have probably tried many things by now and are probably worried and frustrated.  Imagine how frustrated your child is feeling.  I am sure you are seeing the result of their anxiety and frustration in the form of low self-esteem, homework avoidance and even angry misbehavior.  My experience is that math seems to bring out the worst behaviors in students who struggle.  It is my opinion that this misbehavior is a symptom of the strong feelings they have against math and their ability to have any success.

We want to help you reduce the struggles and outbursts that accompany your math homework time.  

Dyslexia Game Board

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Dyscalculia is described as:

a learning disability where individuals have problems with ‘number sense,’   memorization of arithmetic facts, accurate or fluent calculation and accurate math reasoning.” – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)

How can you help your child improve their reading and feel better about themselves?

You have already started by beginning your research.  Your next step is to take action.  Research shows that early intervention changes everything.  At The Park Academy, we have seen that to be true.  But it is never too late to start.

We have several ways to help you change the life of your struggling reader.

  1. Consultation
  2. Evaluation
  3. Specialized tutoring
  4. Curriculum recommendations for homeschool families

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