Homeschool testing provides valuable insight that can be used to develop your curriculum for next year.

Homeschool Assessment

Mrs.Parks is soooo kind … She seems to do everything at her office (which is so laid back I enjoy that) …There is no pressure here just a good environment. This is our 2nd year testing here. I appreciate her care and support.

Michelle H


First, consider your reason for testing:

This is your first year to homeschool and you may not be sure where to start or what curriculum to use.

You are beginning to wonder if your child has a learning disability.

You have finished your first year and want testing to serve as a benchmark for recording progress.

You live in a state that requires an annual academic assessment.

Maybe it is the middle of the year and things have not gone the way you planned and you are looking for insight on how to make changes that will make a difference.

The Park Academy offers a unique assessment experience.

I want to do more than simply administer a test for your child and give you a printout of the results.  You have the unique role of being both the parent AND the teachers.  I want to help you balance both of those roles as you educate your family. 

If you have a struggling learner at home, you need even more insight.  You need to work with a specialist who: 

  • Understands the results of the assessment
  • Honors you as a parent/ teacher who understands her children
  • Is willing to talk to you as a teacher who is willing to learn new skills in order to teach her children
  • Understands the needs of students with learning disabilities
  • Is familiar with homeschool curriculum enough to make reliable curriculum recommendations