Curriculum coaching can help you find your way if you are struggling to teach reading, math or writing to your child.

Homeschool Curriculum Coach

Sue was able to break down the walls of fear that my daughter had built up to insulate herself from failing. Sue engaged the playful parts of my daughter’s personality to help her get comfortable and trust that Sue was not going to shame her, for not knowing the right answer to a math problem or any problem for that matter. Sue helped us laugh together through the struggle of learning how to teach and learn with learning differences.

Sue S


It doesn’t have to be a struggle. I promise.

When I set out to homeschool my daughter, being a teacher, I thought I had developed an educational plan that met the needs and interests of my daughter. I purchased my curriculum and created my schedule. It was a great plan.  It turned out that my plan didn’t work. 

In short, my daughter loved my selections but had no desire to sit and listen to a lesson.  I tried as many parenting tips I could find.  I reached out to my fellow homeschool parents.  I adjusted my plan.  Each adjustment failed. 

In the end, I needed to change my plan so that we were not arguing every day.  She was a voracious reader, so I used her love of reading as a means to teach her.  If I wanted her to learn about Egyptians, I put an enticing book on the coffee table without saying a word. 

Before long I would notice that book was gone.  It had made its way to her room and she was devouring it.  It was tough to let go of HOW I wanted to teach her, but changing my approach reduced our arguments, provided an educational atmosphere that worked for her and most importantly, it restored our relationship.

Most homeschool parents face similar situations and during those struggles may even reconsider their choice to homeschool.  

There is hope.  I believe in your ability to teach.  Often, all that is needed is short term assistance to help you over your current struggle.  It helps to have the perspective of someone who has been in your shoes.  I am here to listen to you.  With a little coaching, I can help you over this hurdle so you can carry on in a way that helps both you and your child.

I invite you to set up a 20 minute consultation so we can discuss your needs and begin the process of restoring your educational endeavors.  I believe in you!